Transport TeamThe Transport Team at Women's & Children's Hospital works in conjunction with the skilled professionals at Acadian Ambulance to transport patients with special needs in an ambulance unit on the ground or by helicopter in Air Med.

The Transport Team includes a PICU or NICU registered nurse and respiratory therapist with extensive training in the care and transportation of children and infants with special needs. Team members assess and prepare each child or infant for the trip to the PICU or NICU at Women's & Children's Hospital. During transport, team members stabilize critically ill patients and stay in close communication with physicians at the hospital.

A physician evaluates different factors (distance, weather, the patient’s condition, etc.), and chooses the best means of transportation. NICU patients travel inside a transport isolette (incubator) that has monitors, oxygen, a heater – all the equipment a baby may need.

To arrange transport call:

PICU: (337) 521-9300
NICU: (337)521-9130