In order to best diagnose your child, Women’s & Children’s Hospital provides a full range of inpatient and outpatient testing. In addition to X-rays and ultrasound, we have a special pediatric protocol for CAT scan patients to calm frightened youngsters and provide information to their parents.

We recently added MRI and Nuclear Medicine to our comprehensive services, utilizing the latest technology to ensure the most accurate results. MRI is the method of choice for the diagnosis of many types of injuries and conditions due to the ability to tailor the procedure to a particular medical condition.

Because your child’s comfort is always a priority, we offer the option to be sedated during the MRI for children with high levels of anxiety.

Nuclear Medicine involves using very small amounts of radioactive materials to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Information gathered during a nuclear medicine technique is more comprehensive than other imaging procedures and many diseases and cancers can be diagnosed much earlier.

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