Having a baby is an exciting experience. Sometimes, baby comes sooner than expected. Health issues may arise at birth or soon after. The experienced, skilled and dedicated team at Women’s & Children’s Hospital is ready to assist you with leading-edge technology and customer service advancements to enhance your overall patient care and experience.

Specialized programs and services to support you include:

  • Acadiana’s only Level III Surgical NICU;
  • Only hospital in the region to provide exclusive human milk diet to very low birthweight infants;
  • A variety of respiratory support, including high-frequency ventilation and inhaled nitric oxide in the NICU;
  • Neonatologists and other pediatric specialists, including but not limited to, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Hematology/Oncology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, etc.;
  • The area’s most experienced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Transport Team able to safely “bring the NICU to the baby.”

Maternal-Fetal Medicine for High-Risk Pregnancies

We offer the area’s leading maternal-fetal experts to support high-risk pregnancies and fetal anomalies. From screening and diagnostics to in-utero therapy, here moms have access to the area’s most comprehensive array of services.

Dedicated OB Hospitalist Program

Women’s & Children’s offers 24-hour OB care including:

  • Rounding on and discharging patients;
  • Evaluating patients who have an obstetric emergency;
  • Reviewing test results and fetal heart rate tracings;
  • Collaborating with your OB-GYN and/or Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist for quality care.

NICU Camera System

The NICU camera system provides the ability for moms and dads who do not live in the immediate Lafayette area to see their baby in real time, any time. Parents can share the secure online portal log-in credentials with family and other loved ones, who they wish to receive access. Cameras do not transmit sound or record video. Parents simply download the service app on their smartphone and log in through a secure internet connection. The video stream is only interrupted when the nurse or physician is caring for the baby.

NICU Transport Team

The NICU Transport Team at Women’s & Children’s Hospital is a highly-skilled group of medical professionals with expertise in the care of critically ill newborns and neonatal transport. Under the direction of board-certified Neonatologists, the NICU Transport Team transports newborns via ambulance or helicopter to Women’s & Children’s to receive the specialized care they need. Using a dedicated neonatal transport unit, the transport team is able to safely “bring the NICU to the baby.” The NICU Transport Team provides:

  • A complete thermal-neutral environment for your baby;
  • The latest cardio-respiratory technology, oxygen saturation therapy and inline blood pressure monitoring;
  • Respiratory support including NC, CPAP and conventional or high-frequency mechanical ventilation;
  • Inhaled Nitric Oxide;
  • Portable lab and pharmacy;
  • Ability to initiate whole-body cooling for babies with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy;
  • Option to attend high-risk births in partnership with referring physicians and hospitals.

The specially designed and equipped transport incubator includes a high-frequency ventilator and a transport cooling blanket, making Women’s & Children’s Hospital among the first hospitals in the state to utilize this life-saving technology in the transport of a patient.

Moms whose infants are transported to Women’s & Children’s Hospital are welcome to be transferred to Women’s & Children’s and placed under the care of the OB Hospitalists so they may recover in the same facility as their newborns.

NICU Flier  

NICU Specialists