The Maternal-Fetal Medicine program at Women's & Children's Hospital is designed to help women who have a high-risk pregnancy realize their dream of starting a family.

With more than 80,000 babies born under our skillful, compassionate watch since we opened in 1983 and the area’s only dedicated unit providing intensive care for high-risk pregnancies, Women's & Children's Hospital is ready to meet your unique healthcare needs to help ensure you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

We understand your feelings and dreams. That’s why our well-trained, experienced team works so hard to ensure you never feel alone as you make this journey. Our physicians, nurses and sonographers take the time to understand your concerns and explain results, risks and other important information in terms you can understand.

A Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist is an OB-GYN with additional, formal education and clinical experience. This advanced knowledge allows the physician to work closely with Women's & Children's Hospital and your OB-GYN to treat the obstetrical, medical, genetic and surgical complications that may occur during pregnancy.

In most cases a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist will work with your OB-GYN, who will continue to care for you during your pregnancy. We want to provide you the best information available so you can make informed decisions about the level of care needed for you and your baby, giving you support every step of the way.

Need help finding a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist? Visit our Find a Doctor page or call 1-877-30-CARE-1 (1-877-302-2731).