Choosing where to deliver your baby is an important and sometimes difficult decision.  To help make that process a little easier for you, below is a list of suggested questions you can ask to help you make an informed decision.

How many women in labor does each nurse care for at one time?

Every birth is different.  While some progress normally, others require a higher level of care.  During the early stages of labor, we limit the number of laboring moms each nurse cares for to two at a time as long as there are no complications. Once you reach the active stages of labor, or if you develop complications, we dedicate a nurse solely to your care.

How many support people are allowed to be with me in the labor and birth room?

The birth of your baby is an exciting time, so in order to help you and your family share this moment, you can choose to allow up to two support people into the labor and birth room with you.

Who will take care of me and my baby after delivery?

After delivery, baby and mom have very different needs which is why we provide a postpartum nurse for mom and a pediatric nurse for baby after delivery.  Each of these nurses are specially trained in their area of expertise to deliver the care that each of you will need.

What nursery/ rooming-in options does the hospital offer?

Little is more precious than the first moments you spend with your baby. Women's & Children's Hospital wants you to have all the time you need. Still, we understand you've been through a lot, too. That is why we let you decide whether you want to room-in with baby, use the nursery, or a combination of both.  Our Nursery staff is available when you need a little “me” time for a shower, a bite to eat or just to rest after delivery.  Simply let your nurse know and they will escort your newborn to our well baby nursery where they will be cared for by our specially trained nursing staff.  When you are ready for a little cuddle time, simply notify your nurse and they will bring baby right back to you.

Does the hospital have an NICU?

Do you have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is an important question to ask your hospital, but it is also important to find out what level it is.  There are three levels of NICU's, with Level III being the highest; however the NICU at Women's & Children's Hospital is one of only eight in the state to have been rated a Level III Surgical NICU. This additional distinction highlights the extra level of care we offer by having an array of pediatric specialties available to care for your newborn should the need arise.

Does the hospital have pediatricians, obstetricians, neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners physically on site 24/7 or are they on-call in the event of an emergency?

When an emergency happens, seconds count. Which is why we make sure that all of our specialists are on site 24/7 vs. on-call.  Should an emergency occur, our specialists are there to make sure you and your baby receive the care that you need right away.

Are licensed lactation consultants available?

You’re in experienced, award-winning hands. Women's & Children's Hospital recently received the Care Award from the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners and G.I.F.T. (Guided Infant Feeding Techniques) certification through The Gift, a program for Louisiana birthing facilities established to increase breastfeeding initiation, duration and support.

Certified lactation consultants are available from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling (337) 521-9138, or ext. 1-9138 from any phone in the hospital. After hours and on weekends and holidays, call the Well Baby Nursery at (337) 521-9100 ext. 5-5400.

Can my partner stay with me over night?

We made accommodations for one adult to stay in the room with you overnight. However, in an effort to reduce noise and increase the comfort of all our guests, children under age 12 are not allowed to spend the night.

What is the visitation policy?

What works for someone else may not be the right fit for you and your baby – including limits on visits from family and friends.

This is an exciting time filled with wonderful memories that will be cherished for a lifetime to come. We want you to have all the time you need to capture and cherish these moments with those closest to you. To that end, visitation hours at Women's & Children's Hospital are observed daily from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Does the hospital offer tours?

Don’t just take our word for it. Women's & Children's Hospital encourages any Mom-to-be to take a guided tour of our facility. A Registered Nurse will be your guide as you stroll throughout the hospital becoming familiar with the surroundings and services available.

Ask questions. We’re here for you and want to ensure that we assist you any way we can to make an informed decision about the “healthcare home” where you will welcome your baby into the world.

Walk-ins are welcome, but scheduled tours are preferred.