What is an overnight sleep study?

Performed in a private sleep room, it involves the analysis of your body's sleep patterns.  This involves the placement of special sensors to record the activity of your heart, lungs, brain and muscles.  It also monitors the air flow from your nose and mouth, as well as the level of oxygen in your blood.

Will my insurance cover my sleep study?

Most major insurance companies, as well as Medicare, provide coverage for sleep studies, but it is always advised with any medical procedure to verify coverage with your insurance company before scheduling a sleep study appointment.

Can I get up and use the restroom during the night?

Yes. The technologist will show you what needs to be done if you need to get up during the night, or you may call the technologist to assist you at that time.

Can a family member stay with me?

Because we care conducting a medical procedure, it is necessary for you to sleep alone.  However, if the patient is a minor or has special needs, a family member may accompany the patient.  Please notify the center in advance so proper arrangements can be made to ensure the comfort of both the patient and accompanying family member.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

A partial or complete collapse of the upper airway that causes muscles contracting the soft palate and tongue to relax.

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