Bringing OB and High-Risk Pregnancy Care to you.

Women's & Children's Hospital in Lafayette recently opened the Women’s & Children’s Center in Breaux Bridge at 1811 Rees St. Call (337) 443-6870 today to schedule an appointment.

Our Focus Is Your Health. Our Care Is Comprehensive.

Let’s face it — your family, your coworkers, your friends, your community— you can’t be your level best for those who matter most unless you take care of you. We’re here, closer to home, to make doing just that so much more convenient and stress-free.

Our mission is to prevent disease and promote good health in women just like you. Our team offers comprehensive health examinations, in-office ultrasounds and other women’s health services minutes from home.

Getting Pregnant

Having a baby is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. We’re here to help you at every step along this amazing journey, even moms-to-be expecting multiples, those with gestational diabetes or those with other high-risk pregnancy challenges. Our team of expert OB-GYNs, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists and other practitioners provide answers to important questions, like when to start taking prenatal vitamins, how you can tell if you’re ovulating and what are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Now That You’re Pregnant (Or Think You Might Be)

Finding out that you’re pregnant is the start of an exciting adventure! You’ll want to know things such as how soon you can take a pregnancy test, how to calculate your due date, what foods and beauty treatments are safe and which ones should be avoided, how to choose an obstetrician, how much weight you should gain, what to expect at your first prenatal visit and so much more. Our OB-GYNs and other practitioners have lots of expert advice to help you navigate your pregnancy journey from conception to delivery.

Having Your Baby

The big day that you’ve dreamed about is finally a date on a calendar! How to customize your birth experience, should you have an epidural (and not feel guilty about it) and tips and tricks for breast-feeding, burping and swaddling your newborn—it’s never a bad time to start asking questions. Our team at the Women’s & Children’s Center and our Labor & Delivery and post-delivery care specialists at Women's & Children's Hospital are ready to help you get the answers and advice you need to make this delivery experience everything you dreamed.