State-of-the-art breast imaging technology is now available at the Elaine M. Junca Women’s Imaging Centre.

3D digital breast mammography or ‘tomosynthesis,’ is revolutionary technology that allows for fifteen consecutive images to be taken from different angles across the breast to produce a 3D “slice” image. This technology yields a cleaner, clearer image. Simply put, a lesion that’s missed in one image may be detected in another based on the angle of x-ray.  

Dr. Philip Meyer, board-certified breast radiologist and Women’s Imaging Centre medical director, stated that 3D mammography has become the ‘gold standard’ for superior breast imaging.  “We can detect and diagnose more invasive breast cancers with this technology over routine mammography,” adds Meyer. 

You may benefit from 3D Mammography if you have any of the following:

  • had previous mammograms that were ambiguous or inconclusive
  • been called back for repeat mammography
  • undergone biopsies for suspicious masses or lesions
  • a family history of breast cancer

Call (337) 993-8300 or visit today to learn how 3D Mammography may benefit you.