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Mary MillerMany times all we can get children to eat are their sweets and desserts.  However, these items are often high in calories and fat, and give them very little of the nutrition that their growing bodies need.  Treats can be anything from a sugary soda to cakes, cookies, and candies.  When giving those kinds of treats make them special and not something that they get every day.  Instead replace the daily sweets with a much healthier alternative such as fruit with a tablespoon of whipped topping, a banana with peanut butter on top, 100% frozen juice bars, or another healthy fruit based snack such as the one below.


Easy Crustless Apple Pieapple


Apple (cored and diced)

1 sheet cinnamon graham cracker

1 tbsp whipped cream

½ tsp Cinnamon

1 tbsp sugar



Mix apple, sugar, and cinnamon together and microwave until soft usually 1-2 min.  Crumble graham cracker and place on top.  Add 1 tbsp whipped cream.