Kathy Bobbs, CEO of Women’s & Children’s Hospital, announces Gold Bear Designation for the Kids ER at Women’s & Children’s Hospital presented by the Louisiana Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Governor’s Advisory Council.

The Kids ER at Women’s & Children’s Hospital is the second facility in Louisiana to receive this recognition and the only facility in the region to meet new pediatric care standards of excellence set forth by the state.

Gold Bear status is a designation of EMSC and the Louisiana EMSC Governor’s Advisory Council Hospital Recognition Program. Gold Bear status is evaluated based on board certifications of physicians, pediatric safety program implementation, physician and nurse emergency department staff designations, and other areas of pediatric emergency care.

“This certification reinforces a parent’s decision to bring their child to our pediatric ER,” said Bobbs. “It calls attention to the fact that our Kids ER has the appropriate medical staff, training, equipment, and is qualified to provide world-class care for kids.”

Gold Bear status certifies that the Kids ER at Women’s & Children’s Hospital is dedicated to excellent care of sick and injured infants and children. The EMSC performance-measures identify accomplishments  and document activities to show improvements in the delivery of emergency care to children throughout the state.