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Sudden Impact Program

sudden impact programThe first Sudden Impact program in Acadiana is now offered by the Regional Health System of Acadiana, which includes the Regional Medical Center of Acadiana and Women's & Children's Hospital.  

In conjunction with the Louisiana State Police, this seven-hour program is designed to teach high school students the consequences of driving while impaired. Participants receive information on laws, decision making, communication and impairment.

According to Louisiana State Police, motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teens, and more than 700 young adults in the past four years have lost their lives in crashes involving alcohol. Approximately 59,000 young adults have been injured in motor vehicle crashes.

Contact Katie Broussard today at (337) 521-9312 or to find out more or to learn how you can start a Sudden Impact program at your school.

  • To reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes
  • To reduce the number of injuries and deaths due to impaired driving
  • To provide DWI education and legal consequences of driving impaired
  • Offer teens alternatives to high-risk behaviors
  • Consequences of Impact – A mock crash with the participation of first responders, students and parents. This demonstration simulates the arrest, rescue and medical transport of injured students, as well as the death notification and transportation of the deceased’s body. Students witness first-hand the devastating and lifetime effects of unhealthy decisions.
  • Mock Trial – A follow-up to Consequences of Impact, this activity involves the impaired driver facing a jury of his/her peers on charges of Vehicular Homicide, First Degree Vehicular Negligent Injuring, Driving While Intoxicated and Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Judges and attorneys actively participate in the preparation and facilitation to simulate a realistic trial.
  • Parent Presentations – Parents gain insight into the laws affecting juveniles, the No. 1 public health problem of motor vehicle crashes, and how decisions can lead to lifelong consequences. Participants learn to engage in conversation with their teen and offer alternatives to high-risk behavior.
  • High School Senior Presentations – Let us speak with your seniors before they graduate. A panel of presenters visits with the senior class. Messages regarding impairment, seat belt use and safe driving are presented medical, law enforcement and victim perspectives. They learn to establish a plan for high-risk situations and alternatives to engaging in poor decisions.
  • On-Site Version of Sudden Impact – For those unable to participate in the Sudden Impact Program, a shortened version can be implemented at the school. A minimum four-hour presentation before a small audience is recommended.