Support Person

Picking a support person is vital. The person you choose will have one of the most important jobs in the delivery room. Your support person is encouraged to attend prenatal and birthing classes with you to help develop breathing and relaxation techniques that you will rely heavily upon during the various stages of labor.

The support person’s job is to make you as comfortable as possible. Work closely with your support person to develop relaxation techniques that work for you including music, a massage, etc. Some techniques you devise beforehand may not be effective during labor and delivery, so your support person needs to be able to follow your cues and change techniques immediately and repeatedly until the right one is discovered.

In Early Labor, the support person should keep a written contraction record – the length, intensity and rest period between each. This information will prove important to your physician and the Women’s & Children’s Hospital staff when you arrive at the hospital.

Also, your support person should know where the bag you packed for the hospital is kept, so they can bring it with you when the time comes. Encourage your support person to pack a bag for themselves. It is important that this person prepare to stay in the hospital for a few days and keep their strength up while here. Items that may prove important to include are a change of clothes, toiletries, change for vending machines and snacks.

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