Dr. Gabriel Dersam

Dr. Gabriel DersamPediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, Gabriel Dersam, M.D., is providing the latest pediatric surgery in Lafayette.

Dr. Dersam specializes in diagnosing, treating and managing a wide range of children’s musculoskeletal (bone, joint or muscle) problems. This includes conditions present at birth and those that arise later due to injury, stroke or a neuromuscular disorder. The scope of medical services provided include orthopedic complications related to cerebral palsy; spina bifida; spine conditions such as scoliosis and spondylolisthesis; upper-extremity conditions (affecting arms and hands) such as extra or missing fingers or hands; lower-extremity conditions (affecting legs and feet) such as clubfoot, developmental dysplasia of the hip, and limb-length discrepancies; acute musculoskeletal conditions including simple and complex fractures, growth plate injuries; and sports-related injuries specific to pediatric populations.

This highly specialized care of children is learned from advanced training and experience. Dr. Dersam earned his medical degree from the University of Arizona, College of Medicine. He then completed his residency at the University of Minnesota and a fellowship in pediatric orthopedic surgery at Gillett Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minn.

Dr. Dersam recognized the great need for this highly specialized field in our community. He chose to move his family here and begin his practice in partnership with Women's & Children's Hospital.

Dr. Dersam’s office is in the Kids Specialty Center located at 4704 Ambassador Caffery Parkway. For appointments or more information, call (337) 371-3101.