About Us

Women's & Children's Hospital, a campus of The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana, has been providing specialized healthcare services for women and children for over 20 years.  Since its humble beginnings as a birthing hospital, it has since grown to become one of the state’s leading healthcare institutions dedicated exclusively to the care of women and children.

Patients at Women's & Children's Hospital are cared for by a comprehensive team of well-trained, compassionate and professional individuals with an unyielding commitment to excellence in patient care.  The care and treatment provided is enhanced by a medical staff of adult and pediatric specialists whose focus is solely on the unique health care needs of women and children.

Because of the specialized team of medical professionals, advanced equipment and facilities, Women's & Children's Hospital has become a healthcare referral center for other hospitals and healthcare professionals throughout the Acadiana area.  The hospital’s multidisciplinary approach ensures that all of its patients receive the best and most thorough care possible.